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About Me

Born in Setubal, a suburb of Lisbon, Portugal; Miguel Sousa began his musical studies in the Academy of Fine Arts Luisa Todi in his town. Between 2006 and 2007, he attended classes with Daniela Ignazzitto. In 2007, Miguel began working towards a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Evora University under both Professors Elizabeth Allen and Antonio Rosado. In 2010 Miguel completed his undergraduate degree. Since 2010, he has had lessons with multiple musicians including: Christophe Simonet, Sarah Buechner, Joseph Banowetz, Lya Barberis, Konstantin Bogino, and Oxana Anikeeva. In addition, Miguel has just finished his Masters degree in Piano Performance at Central Michigan University, where he was awarded a full graduate assistant scholarship.


In 2009, Miguel began building his name on a professional level by giving his first solo recital in Portugal. Since then, his desire to perform solo recitals has only intensified, as he has since given recitals in Sweden, England, Italy, and in the USA. Miguel adds a special flavor into his recitals by speaking directly to the audience about the pieces he is performing and why they are significant not only to him, but also to the musical world. He is able to verbally connect the audience to each of his pieces before performing. Miguel adds these explanations to his programs so that all of his listeners, musically trained and otherwise, may be able to fully appreciate the experience.


In addition to Miguel’s experience as a soloist, he is also a very accomplished accompanist. His accompanying experiences range from coaching beginning vocalists to working with advanced instrumentalists. Additionally, he has worked with small ensembles, piano trios, and large ensembles as well. His large ensemble experience includes working with the Luisa Todi Choir in Portugal, and the Texas A&M University Century Singers and Women's Chorus in College Station, Texas. Miguel has also been advancing his musical skills by serving as a staff accompanist for various conservatories in Portugal.


Another significant aspect of Miguel’s musical life is his passion for discovering lesser-known music. In 2011, he created a blog called Musidescobrir, which in English translates as “To Discover Music”. Through this blog Miguel has posted several videos of himself performing abstract works.


Miguel is now serving as the accompanist for Texas A&M’s Century Singers and Women’s Chorus.




International student and pianist Miguel Sousa dedicates recital to CMU

September 2014


Pianista setubalense encanta nos Estados Unidos

July 2014


Clássicos do piano por Miguel Sousa

July 2014


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